New Website coming soon - Stay Tuned

I've started a Blog, or I am going to.

When I was younger, I had a travel blog. Nothing special. Just a space to write down my thoughts. My now hubby, and I loved to travel and in the space of 5 years we have visited over 7 countries. I wrote about our adventures. We did it on a strict budget and saved every penny we could. It was amazing. 

I missed writing. Life happened.

We got married, we had kids. Time is spread very thin. And sometimes netflixing in the evenings becomes a part of the routine of switching off for the day. Instead, I should be reading a book, writing a blog, studying how-to videos on sewing or photographing.I don't wish time away at all, I know time is very precious. I do wish I knew how to divide and spend mine well.

I will be better.