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EO Minis | Samples
EO Minis | Samples
EO Minis | Samples
EO Minis | Samples

EO Minis | Samples

Sacred Blooms
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10 x 1ml Sample Bottles

1 x Zipper Pouch

All the oils from the Premium Starter Bundle are included in this Sample of minis.

- A 5ml dropper bottle has 100 drops of essential oil inside.

- A sample bottle of 1ml has 20 drops of essential oil inside.

It might sound like it is not a lot, however when you diffuse oils you only use 1-2 drops in the diffuser. These oils are that pure and potent.

Using your oils topically is another way of benefiting from them. When you do so, you only dab a tiny bit on a vita flex point on your body.

Mixing it with a carrier oil, will stretch your oils even further.

If you want to buy selective samples only, please contact me.

Oils included:

Lavender; Orange; Peppermint; Lemon; Valor; Frankincense; Purification; Eucalyptus Radiata; Thieves; Citronella