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Dreamease Essential Oil Blend

The ultimate oil to help your child settle in for the night. Packed with the relaxing scents of Lavender and Roman Chamomile - along with a few other pure essential oils, it is a sure win for a restful night of sleep. The combination of naturally calming aromas help create a serene atmosphere along with an aroma that helps your child unwind at the end of the day, making for less fuss and more cuddles before bed. Try massaging this oil into their skin directly before a nap or bedtime and allow them to enjoy the peaceful aroma. A cool tip is to rub it under their feet because this helps the oil absorb into the body faster.

Tummygize Essential Oil Blend

Carefully blended with Ginger, Tangerine, Fennel, and other premium essential oils, Tummygise essential oil has a naturally comforting aroma that may help when dealing with tiny tummies. It can be diffused or applied directly to tummies using a gently circular rubbing motion. Its aroma also helps create an inviting and comforting atmosphere to help your little one relax and calm down.

Refresh Essential Oil Blend

Kidscents Refresh Essential Oil is a gentle blend of Eucalyptus, Palo Santo, and R.C., and supports the feeling of normal, clear breathing during times of discomfort. Formulated for children aged 2 years and up, this blend can be applied directly to chests or throats. The natural, relaxing, and soothing vapours also help promote wellness when inhaled and inspire calm breathing.